Beaver Builder Theme 1.7 alpha

  • Customizer settings for off-canvas menus  (Header > Nav Layout).
  • Customizer setting for collapsing mobile menu dropdowns when another is opened. (Header > Nav Layout).
  • Customizer settings for global button styles (General > Buttons).
  • New Customizer settings for heading styles (General > Headings).
  • Header logo Customizer setting for mobile devices  (Header > Header Logo).
  • Frontend support for Gutenberg blocks. Custom typography displays in the Gutenberg editor.
  • Framework Customizer setting for choosing between Bootstrap 3 and 4 or no framework at all (General > Layout).
  • Updated to Font Awesome 5. Only loading Font Awesome if needed or explicitly set to load using the new Customizer setting (General > Layout).
  • Enabled the featured image size setting in the Customizer for all image positions. (Content > Archive Layout).
  • Enabled the theme’s lightbox for images in the builder’s text editor module.

Global button styles.

Extra H1 Styling Options

This is my H1 in a Heading Module

This is my H1 in a Text Module

Lightbox For Images In The Text Module.


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